Google Tasks sidebar in Gmail

RightTasks is now also available for Opera and Firefox.

A couple of months ago I released the RightTasks for Gmail extension for Chrome, which adds your Google Tasks to a sidebar in Gmail.

Google Calendar has this feature by default, and allows you to have your Google Tasks visible in a sidebar, on the right side of the calendar. Since it’s so handy, people have been asking for the same feature in Gmail for, at least, as long as it’s been available in Calendar.

The default Tasks widget available in Gmail, when activated, is placed above everything else, so you have to keep opening and closing it, to not get in the way of your work.

I’ve seen people use Remember The Milk just for the tasks sidebar feature, since they provide the Remember The Milk for Gmail Add-on.

There is a different way of getting something similar, by using the Gadgets feature from Labs, but it’s not nearly as functional as the default Tasks widget.

There are also other extensions for Tasks, but having to manually open a popup, or tab, just to see them is not as useful as having them placed next to your emails, especially if you’re using Gmail like a traditional desktop email client, keeping it open all the time.

RightTasks uses the default Tasks widget, so you have all the official features available, like adding an email as a task, with the SHIFT + T keyboard shortcut, or focusing on the Tasks widget with the G then K keyboard shortcut.

You can contribute to the extension, or report any issues, on GitHub: